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  • Our Business is to support your business

    Our customer helpdesk is open 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday.

  • We want to help you realise your vision

    A Consultancy service providing lateral thinking to your IT challenges and solutions.

  • Providing you with the right tools for your job

    More importantly, tools you want to use.

  • No smoke & mirrors.

    We will be clear and transparent with all our customers – putting it simply we have a jargon free policy.

Welcome to Purple ICT.

We provide IT support to meet your business requirements now and going forward.

Our balance of technology, straight talking, and a trained and approachable team have been planned to provide you with a transparent and efficient service to keep your business running smoothly.

Purple-ICT Ltd Registered in Scotland No: 411957
Registered Office. Irongray House / Irongray Road / Dumfries DG2 0HS

Purple-ICT is part of the Atlas Holdings Group